Patterns of Trade

Patterns of Trade: Indian Textiles for Export 1400 – 1900 (15 Nov 11 – 17 Jun 12) 

I was lucky enough to see this exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum during my first week in Singapore. The exhibition included over 70 examples of richly patterned and brightly coloured Indian textiles, some over 600 years old.

My photographs are a little blurry, it wasn’t possible to use a flash so they don’t really do justice to the detail in the patterns and vibrancy of the colours. It was fascinating to read about the complex techniques involved in the creation of these pieces and how many have been passed down from generation to generation as treasured heirlooms.

At the height of the trade, textiles were used as national and international currency driving the economy and enabling exchange of ideas and influences throughout Asia and beyond. The exhibition demonstrates how the influence of the textiles trade extends right up to the present day in contemporary design and fashion.


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